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Ah, yes. Some of my favorite links.
Although I've had good experieces with the companies listed below and recommend them, some lawyer, some where, wants me to advise you that your personal experiences are your own and NOT my fault.

I took this picture while flying a whale survey.  It shows two right whales swimming off the coast of St. Augustine, Fl.

Home Built Aircraft Links
Not just for homebuilders anymore! Check out all that EAA has to offer world wide.

Makers of a fine aircraft kit.

It started as a hobby. Now they are the makers of one of the best and most affordable EFIS systems for home built aircraft.

One of the few full service avionics shops that actually give you personalized service.

Great software for logging the progress of your home built aircraft.

Other Homebuilder's Websites This page is dedicated to the gazillion people out there that wish to share their homebuilding experience.

Other Favorite Sites
I'll be adding more links as I get around to it. Feel free to send me any suggestions.

Jim Taminga's Web Site Jim was a co-worker when I was flying with the Alaska Smoke Jumpers.  He has a lot of great pictures on his site.
This is the end!! I finally made it. You can get there much sooner!!
Canadian artist Andy Gamache I tripped over this site one day. I have never met the guy, however since my grandparents came from Canada, there's a good possibility that we're distant cousins. Either way, his work is interesting.