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Where would aviation be without homebuilders?
We ain't talking about building houses here. It they were still around, you could probably ask the Wright Brothers. They were not the first homebuilders, but they were the most successful during their time. If you are a homebuilder or a company that supports homebuilding and would like a link on this page, send it to links@andygamache.com.

Homebuilder's Links
This is a list of individuals that want to share their homebuilding experience with others.

Joel Conard Building an SQ2000. Entertaining and informative.
Mark Taylor Building an RV-7.
Clay Whatshisname Built an RV9a.
Tony Krzyzewski Building a Europa down in New Zealand. Real detailed log.
Bart Hull A fellow Team Tango builder. Send him encouragement. He needs it!!

Homebuilt companies
Kits, plans, suppliers and what not.

Team Tango Makers of a fine kit built airplane.
Van's Aircraft Makers of one of the most popular kit airplane lines
Velocity Aircraft A popular canard kit airplane.
Blue Mountain Avionics Makers of the EFIS for the rest of us.
Wright Aircraft Works, Inc. Steve sells a nifty nose lifter for canard type aircraft.
Sonex An easy to build and very affordable metal kit.
RotorWay International The most popular helicopter kit on the market.